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is a timeless art form, steeped in ancient tradition and deep meaning. A practitioner of this enchanting genre, Divya Jyoti Pant from the mystical lands of Muktinath in Upper Mustang, Nepal, possesses a profound understanding of its intricacies.
Divya JyotiThrough his early years at Vrindavan Gurukul, Divya Jyoti immersed himself in the teachings of some of the greatest masters in the field. The illustrious Sriman Bablu Prabhu, a renowned mridanga teacher, and the eminent Sriman Durjay Krishna Das Prabhu, expert vocal acharya, imparted their profound knowledge and expertise to him.
Under the guidance of his teachers, Divya is ready to teach the Indian classical music course, a journey that promises to be as rich and rewarding as the music itself. 
The course content includes:
1. Indian vocal Sargam training, singing voice practice 
2. Understanding the Harmonium Keyboard 
3. Division of a saptak 
4. Notes of a saptak 
5. 12 Notes of a saptak 
6. Identifying notes and their position
This course will provide you with a holistic understanding of the principles and techniques of Indian classical music, the ragas and talas that form its backbone, and the art of expressing profound emotions vocally,  through melody and rhythm.
The course will be a journey of discovery, an exploration of the boundless depths of the human soul, and a celebration of the timeless beauty of Indian classical music.


harmonium / vocals music courseIn India, the harmonium is used as an accompanying instrument for devotional songs, Indian classical music and dance. In this course, you will learn how to play the hand-pumped harmonium, and how to identify the notes and their position.  You will also learn Indian vocal sargam and voice practice. 
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